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Site Lite - SL-100 - LASER Boresighter for Rifles and Shotguns

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For sale is a very nice condition Site Lite LASER boresighter that can be used on rifles, shotguns, and some pistols from 22 - to 50cal, including 12 ga, 20ga, and muzzleloaders.  Comes with everything shown: 12ga adapter, rubber o-rings, targets, and fresh batteries.

$65 firm. 

As per the manufacturer:

  • Site Lite SL-100 Boresighter
  • Fits rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders
  • No metal touches rifling
  • Quickly check zero before going to the field
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Used by US Military
  • Most accurate boresighter in the market guaranteed

Before you head to the range, get superior boresighting accuracy using the latest laser technology from Site Lite. Super-strong magnets in the arbor securely center the laser in the muzzle for consistent accuracy. Unique system of adapters and O-rings fits all .22- to .50-caliber handguns and rifles; 20- and 12-gauge shotguns and muzzleloaders. Designed so no metal touches the rifling of your firearm. To boresight, place the target 25 ft. from the muzzle and center the laser on the target. Dial in the scope's crosshairs and you're boresighted for 100 yards. The included Alignment Verification System Reflective Target lets you quickly verify scope alignment in the field according to your recorded information.



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