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Rubber boots?

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I just got a pair of Lacrosse 18" rubber boots.  Never had a pair before...I like that they are so tall and waterproof.  We will see if they are warm enough.

I notice they kinda fold into themselves slightly when walking, but they are rubber.  Seem pretty comfy but I need to test them on a long walk and also test them for warmth in the stand.


Any fans of this style boot?  how have yours held up long term?



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Doesn't get anymore old school that Lacrosse burly!!

My go to huntin n fishin boot for bout 25 yrs. Just started my 2nd pair last year!!  

If ur worried bout cold feet, buy an extra size bigger for room for extra socks....rarely have to leave em home in lieu of cold weather pac boots!

A few years ago I got sucked into the Muck boot craze n tried em out, rotated em in throughout the huntin n fishin seasons for bout 4 yrs, n they crapped out n leaked....as well as caught burrs n stickers on their material...... muck boot experiment conclusion had negative results. 


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