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Buck down

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Great night in the woods with good movement most of the day..  got in tree at 1130 right away seen a spike.  Another spike a half hour later than a lone doe at 2.   At 245ish 3 does come out of swamp and start to feed than the old nanny in the group starts to stomp and posture looking opposite from where she came..  I catch move ment n see antler every time he moved shed move closer and stomp and snort..  this went on for 45 minutes.  Than she snorted 3 times and beat feet I thought she caught my sent..  I have never seen a doe bully a buck from coming in..  all is quiet than from where the does came I see another spike than out in front I catch movement again and it's a good 8 I've had on cam..  he comes in and gives me a quartering away shot took my time and touched off the release,  this is where it goes bad in my head..  he takes off and hes dragging his rear leg I see blood pouring out he stands at 60 yrds for a moment thsn I see him take off again.  I wait till dark get down quietly and examine arrow nothing but got on arrow..  I immediately left..  somthing wasn't sitting well so at 9 I decided to go in and see..  right away find guts strung along scrub oaks and 30 yrds find massive amounts of blood..  where I seen him take off was his last lunge..  he must have turned at the shot but went in in front of leg and out opposite shoulder.. I'm glad my instinct hot me because we pushed a fox off him that already had the tail off..

Screenshot_20191112-191941_SPYPOINT LINK.jpg

Screenshot_20191114-174906_SPYPOINT LINK.jpg





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