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Careful On The Roads


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20 minutes ago, nmc02 said:

You saw 2 separate human mva fatalities w deer inside vehicle? Wow. Not doubting you, crazy. Where & when? A few years ago there was a fatal involving a girl attempting to avoid a deer in parsippany 

Garden State Parkway over a 27 year career, with the SP.

"All men die, not all men really live". WW

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24 minutes ago, madeinuk said:

Wow - just one more reason to drive mainly in the middle lane!

You will never believe but  I was in the middle lane. And I was in local while this thing came from my left so it had to get across the express lanes first. It was at night and by the time I saw it it was already halfway across the fast lane to my left and I did not have time for any reaction, I just plowed through it. The deer looked like it was trying to get under the car so the damage was low to my left side.



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