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Heated insoles or socks


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I also have a pair of Thermacells but they have pretty much stopped working. I've only had them a few years and they were a bit pricey. The batteries on the model I have don't last for an all day sit either. That being said, if I count the number of times I used them and do the math on how much I would have paid for chemical foot warmers it is probably a wash.

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6 hours ago, FishNHard said:

Does anyone here use the heated insole or socks and if so what brand and have they worked for you . no matter what I try my dam feet are always cold . Thanks John

My feet were always cold..  The problem wasn’t the cold so much as it was my horrible problem with “swamp feet.”  It’s a moisture issue with me, so when I’m out all day, I bring extra socks and change out when my feet start to freeze.  Dry feet = warm feet.  

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On 11/10/2019 at 7:40 PM, Hunter115522 said:

I always have freezing cold feet and toes while hunting. Tried all kinds of socks, toe warmers, etc.. nothing really worked great. A friend recommended these, and I can't say enough good things about them. They work great, and keep my feet nice and warm.



Wear a good pair of socks, take your boots off and pack them things with toe warmers. 

Thats what aI did when I was hunting in Saskatchewan. 

Toasty feet


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I actually bought a pair of boot blankets several years ago (Arctic Shield in size L) - I never wore them :) They don't fit over my normal boots... I was thinking maybe you were supposed to wear them over sneakers or something. I never thought to just wear socks :) "Boot blanket" -- i figured they go over your boots.

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