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We got no bear problem

Black Bear Bowhunter

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All I know is my ring doorbell in Sussex had 5 bear on it this passed week. One sow and 4 cubs. It’s gotten worse this passed year. My trail cameras have shown two sow with 7 cubs TOGETHER since July. When they no longer run when they see you and the dogs, you have an actual problem. One of my neighbors has had issues with the GROUP OF 9 banging against his front door in the past 2 weeks. FGW needs to take their balls out of the jar before another fatal incident occurs. 

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19 minutes ago, Greybeard said:

They like foam products.  Been seeing sows with 3-4 cubs this year, too.  Won't take long for the population to explode out of hand again. It's already at the brink on public land.  Had a ranger say they're having problems now with Russians poaching them for gallbladders and other parts.

Great post! This darn Russians and Asians.  Trump should use this for stronger immigration laws. He would a Green and loved by our liberals for saving the Bears. 

Bear Parts and the North American Market

 Bears in South American and North American are killed to supply bear gallbladders for the Chinese medicine market. A large number of them are legally imported from bears legally killed in Canada and the United States. A large number are also illegally imported from these countries.

 In North America, there are still large numbers of bears in the wild. It is estimated that there are between 300,000 and 400,000 black bears remaining in the wild in Canada but they are being poached at a rate of about 40,000 a year. There are around 600,000 black, grizzly and polar bears in all of North America. The situatiion is more worrisome in Latin American, where only around 10,000 speckled bears are left. They are being killed for the Asia medicine market.

 Bear hunting is legal in Canada and every year about 20,000 to 25,000 bears are taken by hunters with special license. But conservationists estimate that for every bear killed legally two are killed illegally. In the United States, total of 366 bears were taken from the Great Smoky Mountains over a three year period. Many of their gall bladders ended up in Asia. On those that don't one Hong Kong trader told U.S. News and World report: "Your hunters shoot bears for sport and fun but deny Asians their medicinal benefits."

 Vancouver, British Columbia has become a major center of the illegal bear part trade. One raid by Canadian conservation officers uncovered 191 bear gall bladders. Another found 84 bear paws in a basement freezer. One government official In Vancouver told AP, "The middleman can easily make a ten-fold profit in this business. The penalties (a maximum fine of $US7,500) are enough only to deter small-time poachers. We need penalties to deter the hard core."

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I'm far from the main stream media sucks guy. But if it weren't for the pictures on this site I wouldn't believe half the images here. Outside of the bear community in NJ most people only know what is presented by anti hunters and the States position on bears. If a person is shown on TV complaining about living with aggressive bears its the lone voice against 10 antis. Most New Jerseyans don't have access to the bear population.

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