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Coastal duck.....anyone out!!??

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Didnt have plans to, spent all morning in morris plains watching youngest children run in X-country meet they had. Hour plus up and back. Got home at 130 and oldest son came home from NYC and strated packing the car up with the duck stuff and said its opening day. so hour plus south to our favorite marsh and it worked out. Bagged a mallard, and if son could shoot had two more blackies come in. Poor kid can;t hit the ocean from the long branch beach. Good day and hunt. I now need a whisky and drift off to sleep time. 

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Downed four in the afternoon near AC on the incoming tide. Heard five shots out in the islands at 4:33 PM. Two deer were out in the marsh at 3 PM. Fiddlers were on the mud. Saw a dead gull. Northern Harrier was hunting. Lots of dead deer were alongside the roads. Brant were flying over the bay. Few ducks flew. Got a two shot double on blacks. 

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