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Jr's new bike


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My 15 year old son split wood, built french drains, rock walls, etc working with the farmer down the road this summer...He has been saving for awhile for the bike he wanted to upgrade to. This past Sunday, he sold his worked YZ125 and we told him if he was close, we would help out with the balance. 

Picked up his new ride today, the 2019 YZ250F and he is in his shop as I write this. He was just showing me the Yamaha Power Tuner App he has on his phone. It allows the bike to be mapped/tuned which is very neat. 

Time flies. Before we know it, he will be driving.......Would stop time if I could, this is the good stuff......






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That is great he worked for it and got it! Hard work does pay off. Wish my daughters would learn that they just hope for Bernie :down:

He is going to be thrilled. I did the same thing about 20 years ago walked in and bought a new YZ250 . 

I imagine they are way improved now but even then the bike was a beast . 

Glad to see a young kid with drive and ambition. 

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I call bullish!t on this post. This is 2019. Kids don’t work hard and save up for something they want these days! Just ask the government, they will provide you with whatever you desire! Seriously, this post is does my heart good. Work hard, save up and bask in the rewards. Glad there’s still some young people that believe in this. It’s gotten clouded lately but, that is truly the American dream. Congrats to the young man!

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