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Permit bow 9pt down

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Been playing cat and mouse with this buck all year. I got pics of him early season on a piece of stateland that I hunt.


I decided he would be my early season target buck. Well I got my doe out of the way on monday of opening week after a slow start. I decided I would try my stateland spot when the moon card aligned and waited until Friday of opening week since I have had great luck there following the moon chart. Well right off the bat I passed two 16" 8 pts waiting for the kicker 8. Around 7:15 am I decided to spar rattle since I seem to have a lot of luck early sparring at this location. As I finished and put the rattle bag down, I turned to sit down amd noticed what looked to be a deer staring at me. Binos confirmed it was the kicker 8 with 2 other nice 8 pts. Two flicks of the tail and he and the bigger of the two 8's vanished never to be seen by me for the rest of sept and oct. My buddy sent me a pic of a buck 2 miles away on Oct 5th. It was the kicker 8. Well after I shot the 11 in late Oct. I let the area calm down. I went in this saturday with a buddy amd saw one small 8 pt. After looking at trail cam pics I saw he was back on Oct 26.


I decided to hunt him again on Monday. No luck. After getting clearance to be late from work today I went there this morning. Around 630 am I see a lone deer in the distance. Spike. Soon after a better 8 comes running in with his tail tucked. Right behind him was the kicker 8. The cat and mouse kept going with the big buck and 4 smaller ones as he corraled the doe and bedded her down. Once I saw where he stuck her I started thinking that I could probably sneak up and get a shot since he was occupied protecting his side piece. I climbed down from the tree and circled way around until I thought I was directly above where the doe was bedded.  As I snuck up to the ridge I spotted a couple of the smaller bucks and the doe. A little further and it was the most perfect opening directly to a broadside buck you could ask for. Ranged him at 40 and squeezed the trigger. He ran 100 yards, flicked his tail twice, and fell over. Not my biggest but too perfect of a hunt and story not to squeeze the trigger. 







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