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Rabbit electrocuted during work

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Went to work and arrived at lady’s house to install a well pump etc. she had a underground well house. So opened the hatch and went in. Found the wires all chewed up and looked around to find a dead rabbit. Must have fallen in and chewed the wires and got shocked to death and shorted her pump out. She had me put it in a garbage bag and take it with me. Replaced the Weill pump,wiring etc. now she has water again. Was a interesting day. 





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I did a termite inspection one time for a buyer and when I went down to start in the basement, I smelled something burning. So, i went to the circuit breaker box and took the cover off. It turned out that a mouse had come through the side and shorted the breaker. It was still burning when I took it out. The seller thanked me. 

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