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Browning Command Ops Pro BTC-4P - Battery/menu issues?

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I bought this camera just before last season and it worked great.  I actually ended up leaving it in the tree because I hunt my own land and we are fairly remote so we don't get trespassers coming through.  Around September I put new batteries in it and noticed that the menu function seemed to not be working.  The date was showing 1/1/2019 and I couldn't get into the menu to set any of the functions (date, time, name of camera, number of shots to take, etc...), but it did seem to be working.  I threw a new memory card and fresh batteries in it and checked it a couple of weeks later.  It was functioning fine, had a few pictures of some does, squirrels, and a few triggered by wind, but that was it.  Other than the fact that the date and time was completely off it was working.  However, I did notice that in just two weeks the batteries were half depleted.  The previous set of batteries had lasted from September 2018 until February 2019.  Anyone have similar issues with this camera?  Any luck sending it back to Browning or do I just throw it away and pick a better one next time?  

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