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Deer Tracking Dogs?- Need Help!

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Hi all!

I shot a good buck this morning at about 6:40 am.  I found a very good blood trail that goes on for a while.  The deer crossed a creek and just after that the trail dries up.  Just got home from searching but I could not pick a blood trail back up.  Arrow was never recovered.  I believe the lighted nock turned back off after it passed through the deer.

Does anyone have any information about hiring someone with a dog to help me track the deer?



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Not bashing but Darren told another guy last week on his recommendation over the phone next day the guy found his dear dead. yeah liver it'll die overnight I don't know how much blood tracking you have when you say it hit the creek and it stopped and you couldn't pick it up on the other side of Creek my suggestion would I would do is walk up and down the creek for a good fifty to a hundred yards a deer could have walked the creek cuz Dave of liver he would want to be in that water and he might be up or down that Creek or got out of the creek and then you might pick up the blood trail again or when you lost the blood at the creek sometimes he decided it's not where he wanted to go any further straight and he might double back on his own blood trip to check go back and check the blood trail that you don't find blood where he may walk through the blood trail that went to the creek good luck to you!!!

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Don’t give up on it!  Walk the creek where you lost him upstream and down. Sometimes a hit deer likes the path of least resistance. Could be a liver hit based on your pics...if so that’s a deer that should be pushed to bleed out and expire more quickly. 

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