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2013/2014 Was An Awesome Season!!!

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2013/2014 was an awesome season! Not because I got a big buck, heck, all my buck tags were tag soup this season... and it was still the best season ever for me because my son decided to hunt this year! I always let my boys decide on their own what they want to do... and the cool thing is they got into what I like... I played lacrosse in school and both of my boys also played... my oldest wasn't into hunting but he does love my venison enchilads! lol... and just this past July my younger son said he wanted to hunt. 

My youngest is into body building and watches everything he eats, he wanted organic healthy venison! He gave me the good news in late July, but he never shot the bow! I started him off with the bow but with not much time before the season, I also got him shooting the crossbow. He took his hunter ed test in August and he was very confident with the crossbow so he started with that. He was shooting awesome on paper but we all know shooting at a live target can be a challenge for some. But when opening day rolled around and he was squeezing off on his first deer, he put one right through the pumper! He was a deerslayer! It was the most amazing morning I ever had hunting and he did everything like he lived it before!

Something that I think really helped my son with preparing for the hunt was going over trail cam pics. I used the different pictures to show him different angles and if the angle was a shot or not, it really seemed to work well because he actually waited that first opening morning for the angle and his first doe dropped in sight from where he shot it.


In 2013/2014 he got 3 shots and harvested 3 deer! And the best part, we have it all on video so he can share it with family and friends!

Here are his first hunts:




Now if that doesn't make for the best season ever, I don't know what does! BUT... the awesome season would continue!

A young lady that loves hunting had nobody to take her hunting... so I had her come over and get ready for a hunt... since my son did so well with the crossbow, I had her shooting the crossbow and building confidence. I had a buck coming in at my one spot like clockwork, this buck was comning in everyday between 4:40 and 5PM... well, Daniele was shooting great and when the time came to squeeze the trigger on the buck, she kept her composure and made a good shot and we got her first ever buck on video too!




Having a great season and getting others out was awesome! I also got some doe for family, friends and made some donations to HHH... but then winter bow rolled around... my cousin that I went to hunter ed with back in the early 80's gave me a call. He went bowhunting the first year back in the 80's and had no luck and he never went again! He said he wanted to go again... he still had his Browning Deluxe Nomad but he didn't shoot it since the 80's... so I got him over the house and got him shooting the crossbow! 



What a season! 4 firsts for 3 hunters!!!


My son loved the crossbow but he is looking forward to stepping it up and going with the vertical bow in 2014/2015... he is also looking at meat grinders and butcher tables!!! AWESOME!!!

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