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Best low pound broaheads


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6 minutes ago, Gobblengrunt said:

Magnum stingers would be my #1 choice.  Spin perfect, fly great, and are sharp out of the package.  I use them quite a bit out of 40# recurves with many pass throughs 

I think Magnus stinger requires the least amount of energy to do the job. They are basically razors, and even handling them is a risk:shock:

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VPA's are best penetrating head I ever used.  I like 3 blades.  Just like with montec and hellrazor, you do have to sharpen yourself.   Those other brands come sharp out of package, VPA does not.  The idea is you shoot them as much as you want then sharpen before you hunt.   Not for everyone if you get frustrated trying to sharpen. 

If self-sharpening not your thing, - I think the G5 Striker is for you.  Still cut on contact by design, but replaceable blades.       





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