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I believe this thread has been on here before, but lots of new members have joined the W&W ranks as of recently. 

Post up a pic of your very first deer you have taken, or your child's first deer and how taken in this thread. 

This is mine. A 4 pointer that may as well have been a 14 pointer, it got me so shook up. Was using an XI Legend Magnum compound bow with Predator camo on it. I had a woodland camo one piece suit on and was using Easton XX75 aluminum arrows with Thunderhead 100's. Remember like it was yesterday. No bait, no cameras (don't even think they were out then) just set up in a climber (TSS?) on a good run that lead from heavy bedding to a white oak stand...

The buck came out an hour before dark and an unseen branch deflected my arrow and it hit him in the in front of his rear end. Was SHOCKED when the deer ran to 30 yards and was done.... I learned that the femoral artery was deadly that day to my surprise! Went home to get my Dad and brother, and even wanted to keep the gut pile in the pic for whatever reason! :rofl:

My son's first doe is below taken when he was 10 years old with the 220, as well as his first buck taken a couple years later with the Accura .50 cal. 

Also my daughter's first deer, a spike taken when she was 12 with the 870 20 gauge..





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First buck with a bow on top of car in Jumboland parking lot, 1980.  Was 17 and drove from Oradell to Flatbrook WMA, where I got the buck.  First time I drove out there without my Dad, and of course got the buck.  Took me 6 years to get my first.  Double lunged with a Robin Hood Little John compound.


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First doe and buck. Both shot in 2012 (first bow season). I was I think 0-4 on the season when I shot the little doe. She came under the ladder stand like 10 yards, if that. The buck was just about a 25 yard shot. It was a few days after Sandy hit. Skipped my high school football practice, went in the woods around noon, hung a stand, went back to the house to grab my stuff and back in I went. Didn't have a fancy phone so I would bring Macks PW or Cabela's magazines to pass time by and create a list for Santa.  The buck came in as a complete ghost. Looked like a moose walking through the woods when I finally decided to pick my head up. The bow I was shooting at the time was an absolute log launcher that I only sighted in to 20 yards. My pops didn't want me shooting past that with how slow it was. Like a typical teenager, I didn't listen and when he came in at 25ish, I decided to let one go. From the time I released the arrow to when it hit, the buck took almost 3 steps but I was lucky enough to hit the femoral artery. Don't remember the bow but I was shooting the XX75's with 100 grain thunderheads. Actually shot it through a chrono last year and it came in at a whomping 213 FPS lol

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 10.52.52 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 11.00.33 PM.png

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Man...I will have to ask my mom to go digging through old pictures at her house.  First doe was at the age of 12 in PA with my Marlin 336, 35 Remington.  First buck was a scraggly 3-pointer a year or two later with the same rifle. Spike on 1 side and a Y on the other but to me it was a monster at the time.     

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Just a bit more contemporary then the rest of you ... 2017... first deer ... was my 3rd or 4th season deer hunting after starting hunting late in life. This was a bad shot I've learned to never take again  :loco:... (quartering-to, deer moved as I shot, arrow hit him in the neck) ... deer ran about 400 yards and I lost the blood trail after 200. Was afraid I was going to lose my first deer, so I picked up the bat-phone and called for Dennis to the rescue! Dennis the tracking dog was amazing and got 'r done for me.


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Shot this 4 pointer during my first ever sit. Came in while I was still getting set up. Shot was too far back hit liver and guts.  Had a terrible night's sleep and spent a ton of time trying to track him the next morning and was able to find him myself.  If it wasn't for my Hunter Ed instructors I would not have found him. They really drove home what to do when you gut shot a deer and their reaction to the shot.  They even had a bolt covered in green gut matter for us to look at and smell. 


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My very first deer was a button buck that I killed during one of the three doe days after six-day.  My first deer with a bow was a spike.  I had no idea what I was doing back then (still don't).  I was about six feet off the ground in an old TSS death-trap climber.  Farmer's dog was down in the swamp chasing deer.  I could hear it coming closer.  A doe ran up to me and stopped and I drew back.  As I was about to release, the spike ran up behind her and I turned and shot.  Double-lunged it at about 10 yards with a Razorback 5.  I loaded it into the back of my Dad's pick-up truck - a green Dodge with a three-speed on the column.  Long time ago.  I have pic's somewhere in an old album.

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