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When is your FAVORITE time to be in the woods?


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Early Bow? 





Late Season?

image.png.c1b570ccccfc91874205f8a53ba78814.png image.png.099b292018da17e4ec96d7aab8e99dcb.png

I like them all. If I had to choose one, it would be late October, early November. 

Something about being on stand with high anticipation that ANYTHING can happen at any given minute during the rut! 

If you had to CHOOSE (1) SEASON, which would it be and why? 

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I just like to hunt they all have points I like early season deer are moving freely not on edge yet from all the hunting pressure love watching them chase Around the rut and late season they just move for food and warmth. If I have a preference it’s cold weather though any Of those times ..

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Late winter -   I hate early season because of the warm weather and even though I enjoy November with the bow I love January with snow on the ground..gun or bow..deer are back to their feeding pattern and with minimal food their easier to pattern/locate,  easier to see from a distance, and the bigger boys in my opinion slip up more often just like during the rut because the need to eat... Only negative is after being pressured for 4 months at this point they are alot more alert/skittish.

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I usually dont start hunting until late October into November. I like the chaos the rut brings. 

I like the 1st day of the 6 day season only because every one is moving moving deer around  but late season is my favorite. 

Any big deer that have survived are tired and hungry. 

All my food plots are geared for late season but nothing like an extreme cold/snow event to get those big deer coming to food on a regular basis



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