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10/29 check in??


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Out of data so can't do it live for a while.

Sat this afternoon with my son in a spot I haven't been in for a few years.  He saw a nice buck but couldn't get a shot.  I found a nice scrape on the edge of bulrush, but saw zip.  Going to try again in the morning.

Went to PA yesterday with my son and did a little recon, dropping down around cliffs into the pines.  Went to a spot where I kicked up a big buck last year with the rifle, and kicked him up again.  Behind same big rock, laying in same depression, working same scrape for at least 4 years since when I first saw it.  It's going to take patience, but I hope my son can connect this year now that we know he's still around there.

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 sat my swamp stand for the first time this season had three does follow me in and run off as I was getting my haul rope ready. Had 3 more come in and feed on acorns until dark and then three more mature does came out of the swamp none of them knew I was there. Couldn't grunt or rattle like I had planned w/ all these eyes around.

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