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The Washington Nationals Fans Disrespect.....


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Hey Rocky,And first let me say that the President of the United States should never be disrespected like he was,ever. But his people put him in a no win situation, this wasn't going to be one his Rally's. The Rally's are a controlled vetted event. This is a Public Event in a really liberal area. How did they not see something with bad optics happening?

 I'm not sure when the decision to choose the first pitch person was made. But when it was announced that Chef Jose Anres was the celebrity. In DC, not even the President had a chance to upstage him. His goodwill for his foundation and Civic work is unparalleled.

And as an aside 2 things. DC local voters are  certainly an area where the President isn't and doesn't care if he is well like. Second, at the price of a World Series Ticket, I would wager that not many reside in the 20001 zip code. It was just wrong on so many levels, and you won't see it happen again IMHO

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What they were really booing is the fact their team sh!t the bed like they sneezed on taco night... and after tonite theyll have to go to a capitals or lol a Redskins game to boo.  Because they're finished.  Karma lives and breathes. Not only did they lose that game but Scherzer couldn't pitch game 5

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