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Fall Adirondack Trip 2019

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I just got back from the Adirondacks after hunting the tail end of muzzle loader and the beginning of the rifle season. I started the trip stopping off at Hornbeck boats in Olmsteadville to pick up my new 12 ft backcountry fishing canoe. It’s insanely heavy at whopping 18 pounds. :)  can’t wait to get it in the water for ducks down here then back country brookie ponds next spring. It’s not an ideal time to hunt up there with the warmer temps but we always make the best of it. Highlight of the trip was a huge bull moose coming right under my stand at 10 yards. Did some scouting and hiked about 12 miles. Had a doe come in solo to one of my Mountain stands and I still hunted upon a bedded doe in the torrential rain on Sunday, just praying it would grow horns. Kicker of the trip was seeing a nice buck bedded on a knob over looking a meadow on someone else’s camp lease of the way out. Until next time. I may go back up in November......we also saw a nice black bear, a few grouse and turkeys were also in the mix. It’s still early so buck sign was not very heavy. Only found 1 rub and a few scrapes 









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