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Only you know whether you want to take the shot.  Generally, I look at a buck whether in a trailcam pic or in person and know right away.  If I have to think about it, that's a sign it's probably not one I want to take.  More often than not, I'm looking for reasons not to take a buck as opposed to why I should since I can shoot a doe for the freezer.  On the properties I hunt, there are far more poor genetic cull bucks that I'd target (especially if I had multi-season tags versus one tag that then ends my buck hunting for that season) than "shooter" level bucks.  With that said there's exceptions...you could have a great hunt/encounter with a certain buck that gets your blood flowing or is shared with someone you don't often hunt with and will be a memorable hunt.  In the end, do what you feel makes  a great hunt and memory for you! :up:

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3 hours ago, Remember November said:

Let him walk so the guy a few hundred yards from you kills him.. 

This is the lamest excuse in the book to shoot a young buck and tired of hearing it! If the guy a few hundred yards always killed a buck that was passed there would be not one buck older than 1.5 years. If you want to shoot a small buck thats fine, nothing wrong with it if that makes you happy but don't use the excuse if I don't shoot him the next guy will this season. Plenty of 2,3,4 year old bucks out there even on heavily hunted public land, they find a way!

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If you have to post a picture of him from the stand and ask on here if he's a shooter then you obviously don't want to shoot him...I wouldn't even think of touching my phone for a picture of a deer that has my heart pounding, I'd be concentrating on shooting him...( I have seen a guy in Ohio on a guided hunt stop to take a picture of a shooter buck and then not get a shot at him because buck walked off by the time he put his phone away, guy went home empty that week lol)

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