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Thanksgiving practice run, Turkey Legs

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Had plans to site in the ML and trap shoot with my son at his Club Saturday. Have to contribute some form of dead animal here , or I might get my He Man Woman Haters Club Card pulled. You old guys will get that.

Got 430am Text he had a call out for work and had to cancel. So Saturday went with the Boss to Long Valley and biked. Ended up at Chilton Mill Brewery. It was packed and they were out of their Octoberfest Beer. We decided to head home rather than fight the crowd. But will be back it looks great.

We had stopped at Corados last week and they had Giant Turkey Legs. I bought 2. Then this week Shop rite had them on sale, I bought 2 more!. You can see the difference in size. With the rain forecast it was going to be a Sunday smoke. I follow Amazing Ribs Disney Turkey Leg recipe. Its cured for  24 hrs with Pink Salt and Brown sugar. Air dried in Fridge for 2 days. Set the smoker 1/2 chimney, half filled ring with Kingsford Blue no water.. I used Applewood for a less smoke taste. Temp was 350-375. After  1 hour lifted lid, instant temp at 120 I dont always trust probe. Turned once ran temp to 180. Removed and rested for 20 minutes. It tastes like Country Ham. You can't get around the ligaments but its my favorite way to eat a turkey. Disney charges 15$. In the picture is chicken done on the grill, the Boss really doesn't like the smoked meat too much, but indulges my hobby! let me know if you have any questions.

Hope to get out with my son mid week with the call out he has some time to burn. 






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