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Favorite Turkey Week

Cousin Brown

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I like which ever week the turkeys are gobbling the most...


I usually take off week A to get a crack at them before they have been really pressured, but I also like E just because it spreads the season out a bit so that you can experience the different phases of the season.

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I like E also, because it's hard to get time off work. However, I'm looking forward to see how D will work out. A week would be ideal, if I could ever swing it in the future.


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I'm looking forward to D this year too.  I have some work stuff scheduled already during the season but I have a few days and am looking forward to being able to get out after work in the future

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I love them all equally, except weekends.


I agree that weekends is cool because you see all the phases of the season, I used to enjoy it for that reason.....but too many knuckleheads for me. I've been stalked more times on weekends than any other week. Just too many people out there so there are bound to be at least a few idiots.


With the change to D weeks, I might like that period the best now. I've always been frustrated by those late morning gobblers when I know I could work him in but I have to quit because it's getting too close to noon. D week could change that. 


In any case BEST of luck to everyone, regardless of the week you choose!

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I'm going with both A and C weeks for the third straight year.  Two years ago I was overrun with gobbling birds those two weeks and last year I would have sworn all turkeys in my zone were exterminated.  Funny how a year can make a big difference.  I gave up the Saturday "weekend warrior" package when I left Corporate America because my current job knows no hourly bounds, so I work around my hunting and fishing and guiding schedule.  That and my last year hunting Saturdays I watched a guy sitting on a large boulder in the middle of a mature forest, wearing a blaze orange vest, and calling almost non-stop.  I had to switch locations and move over a mile away from him  :) 

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