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Fly Fishing for bass


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Last year I was laid up for a couple months, so I tried my hand a fly tying. Dry and wet flies for trout. One of my buddies saw my pics on FB and ask if I cound make him anything for bass or pikerel. This is what I came up with. They were successful as well. The poppers I whittled and sanded from balsa wood I got at Micheals.





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My all time favorite largemouth fly is a Dahlberg diver in a frog color pattern (mostly green with some yellow). I always keep at least 2 in my box because eventually one will get waterlogged and I keep that one out to dry while I fish a second one. For subsurface, it's tough to beat a wooly bugger in various colors. I like Deceivers as well, especially when they're chasing minnows. But there is nothing like the top water action of the Dahlberg diver to get you pumped up. Plus that fly is too large for all but the biggest bluegills to take in, so you're not catching little sunnies like you do on smaller cork poppers. I've been fly fishing for 41 of my nearly 48 years, and much of that was on a small lake in north Jersey when I wasn't out chasing trout on the fly. Still love my warmwater bass days, but I don't get out as much for that species as I used to.

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I'm waiting on hooks for a fly called "todd's wiggle minnow". it's made of foam but dives when you strip line. looks like a crankbait in the water. It has worked very well for me. I don't have a pic to put up. I will after I make some up.

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I fish smallies on the Delaware...I have been successful with a Wooley bugger with rubber legs... When I have time to actually tie (or steal them from my buddies box...lol) I like a Delaware River Hellgramite pattern.. It is an excellent pattern developed by Floyd Franke..


Hook- Mustad 3665A size 6

Thread- Black

Wire- .035" Lead

Abdomen- Peacock Chenille and Black Hackle

Legs & Tail- Black Rubber

Thorax: Large Olive Chenille topped with black foam or epoxy (sometimes I will add a couple of black Tungsten beads)


I really do not target Largemouth often but do play around on some local farm ponds...I find the large mouth will take almost anything stripped on the surface in the early morning or evening.. I use some of my beat up Stimulators (size 6 & 8), lots of floatant with a strip/stop presentation.. as for streamers a wolley bugger or white and green deceiver seems to work well....

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