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Volunteers needed to cut and plant willows this weeekend

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It has taken 3 months to get a free collection permit from the state, but I have finally succeeded in getting permission to cut native willows from a part of Allamuchy Mountain State Park on the former Tilcon quarry site. I need volunteers on Saturday, March 29th to help cut the willows, bundle them up, haul bundles to a few sites along the Musky, and plant them by sticking them into the ground as deep as you can at one of three sites. These plantings keep the stream banks stable, provide shade for the river, habitat for birds and other animals, and filter pollutants from entering our rivers.  



  • 9 am meet at Tilcon quarry site which is off Kennedy Road in Mount Olive Twp. between Waterloo Road and Waterloo Valley Roads and a short 100 yards or so south (east) of the Musconetcong River where the Kennedy Road bridge goes over the upper river. It's a short distance south of where I-80 passes over the Musky.
  • Bring gloves and pruning sheers or a small hand saw and wear old clothes. Bring your fishing gear for later to hit Point Mountain Trout Conservation Area or other special regs waters if you have time.
  • You will see a large metal gate leading into the lake that was once a gravel quarry. This is being stocked with landlocked Atlantic salmon, FYI.
  • As soon as we obtain enough planting materials which will be entirely dependent on the # of volunteers we have, we will disperse to and of three sites which are: 1) the Pump House Restaurant off rt. 46 at the Hackettstown/Mount Olive/Washington Township border, site of the former Gruendyke Mill dam (# 1, route 46 west, Hackettstown) to plant upstream of the former dam where we still need some more willows. 2) At the removed Finesville Mill Dam on the lower river on Musconetcong Street in Finesville (Pohatcong Twp.) to plant the Warren County banks still in need of plantings and some on the Hunterdon banks on state lands above the nasty bamboo thicket if you know where that is. And 3) immediately upstream of where I-78 crosses the Musky along Asbury-Bloomsbury Road just north of rt. 78 and above where route 173 meets Asbury-Bloomsbury Road on a small farm field with little or no tree cover (private property I have permission to access for the day).
You can PM me or simply show up on Saturday. If we get enough plant materials, we can also hit these spots to plant them on Sunday, but I have limited time Sunday morning to supervise, so please reach out if you plan to help Sunday because I can still put you to work either way if you can help that day.


Many thanks from TU!

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When it comes to volunteer days like this, I've learned that you just never know who or how many will show up.  I typically find that when I need a big crew I get a small one and when I need a small one, I get a huge turnout.  :)


I always find something for everyone to do, but with willows, it's as easy as cutting as much as we can and then running them to three sites to plant.  I just go with two hours cutting and whatever we have, we plant over the next two hours after some drive time in between.

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We got a lot accomplished today, in spite of the nasty weather.  Most of us even managed a fish or two after the planting project.  Here's a link to one of our chapter websites with pictures and a description of our work today to plant native willows along the Musconetcong River:



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Awesome!  Man it is nasty out, been pouring down here all day!

Very cool pics, I saw big Mike was there too! :)


And he drug out his brother to help!  He's had his dad out before on other projects, so I told him I am expecting to see his mom the next time  :)


Mike is great at helping with our TU projects.   

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