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10/21 pm off the golf course check in.

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1 hour ago, JHbowhunter said:

well u don't have much time left today but good luck!


Spent a couple hours doing recon on the big buck I kicked up last week.  Got into a thick patch of cedar close to where be bedded, nice trails through it, but couldn't get a good spot to hide or a clear shot.  Saw this one little open spot with an old hedgerow on the one edge that had a big tree to sit my back against.  Then seen the nice scrape right in front of where I was planning on sitting.  Should be a good spot when they start chasing.

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A little late, but found a fresh scrape in this little clearing
Settled in.

I hunt off of a golf course also. They walk through the woods to the course in the even. They hang on the course all night. Very difficult to hunt in the am but a great afternoon hunt. I’ve noticed they don’t seem to be too worried about scent like other deer. Downside, it seems difficult to pattern them. They are so comfortable there with people all around all the time. Do you see the same?

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