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Fall Bow Harvest

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We are thoroughly enjoying the 2019-2020 season so far.  It was a lot of work doing preseason stand/blind/trail-cam maintenance but it's always fun being out in the woods.

Pic A - My brother took a good buck on Oct. 5th.  It was a hot day and we were soaked in sweat by the time we tracked his deer and got it out of the woods and ready for the butcher.  He got a good Tac-Ta-Cam video of the buck coming into the field and the Lumenok shot.

Pic B - The following Saturday I got a buck at last light.  Hadn't seen a thing the entire sit.  With little time left I saw this buck at 80 yards on a path that would not have come near me.  Did a little rattling and it was enough to get him to circle around and come up behind me dead down wind.  My Tac-Ta-Cam video was dark due to the canopy.  Saw 2 min of dark, a flying Lumenok then more dark.  I always forget to follow the target after the shot.

Pic C - This is a great trail-cam pic from last week.  Looking forward to the rest of the season.  

Stay Safe








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You guys got some good ones and there's still another good one out there! Congrats! 

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That’s a nice start to the season. Looks like there are still a few nice ones left good luck.  

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