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New hunter need some help

Jimmy skatz

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I shot my 2nd deer today and it ran off. I started following the blood trail and I encountered a bear getting a little too close. I backed off and waited a while before returning to try again. I care back and saw “a bear” maybe not “the bear” laying about a comfortable distance away so I got back onto the trail. I was on the phone while following the blood to let the woods know someone was walking through because of the bear activity. While I was looking to find more blood a bear cane out and was tracking my trail. I backed away and watched and it started coming towards me. I was on the phone with a seasoned hunter and he said the bear is taking your kill and it’s not worth getting into a fight with a bear over. I feel terrible, I can’t stop thinking about it and I am upset that this spot might not be good to hunt if it is swarming with bears and I might lose my kills. Any advice and what should I have done differently?

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Bears are more scared of people then people are of them. If the bear was a sow with cubs then I would be more on alert.  In your case I would of simple yelled at the bear, and jiggle your keys.

Bears are know for bad eyesight,  he might of not known what you where, maybe the wind was blowing away from him causing him not to smell you

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You can’t feel bad about nature taking your kill. Seems like you have good blood and a dead deer. If the bear was on your kill already then it won’t go to waste. I don’t blame you for backing out if it wasn’t already spooked by you. As a last resort you could go back with another person and make some more noise. I agree it may not be worth the fight, especially if it’s already been chewed on. 

Two good things though, although I don’t know what area you’re in, or if it’s private/public, but.....next week is the bear hunt. Go take 1 out!  That and as colder weather comes in the bear activity should die down a bit. Keep your spirits up, stuff happens that we have no control over. It sounds like you did what you could.

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Yeah, he had his face down on the trail I felt like he was pushing me off of the trail although I know that sounds a little more strategic than a bear may be capable of. I was swearing bears up and down all day after this, I was enjoying the blood trail until the bear showed up, my first one died on the spot so I didn’t have much of a trail to follow. My problem is that I am in this alone for the most part and have no idea if I could drag a bear myself or where to even process it, I took my deer to a guy who does it. I got mad and would love to put his head on my wall and meat in my freezer but I think it’s too much logistically this year. Thanks though I felt like I messed up and I just want to do hunt right. 

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Let me tell you what happened to me in aprox. 1990 while hunting in Waywaywander state park.

Shotgun season, up a tree, Shot a buck .( 70 yards) dropped in it's tracks ... waited about 5 minutes up in tree looking at deer with my  8x40 

no movement.. down the tree I go .  due to my tree stand location I had to cross a little stream and  walk up hill  40 yards to deer.

I look up and see deer's head Moving left & right.. O'No a spine hit ???  Not at all a bear had my deers   throat's in it's mouth and was making a mock kill.

Had no car keys.... only my 12 gauge . Shot @ 30 yards from bear, over his head, He laughed at me .. at this point in time he had already opened up the deer

by the anus and was pushing the intestines into his mouth ??? ok   shot did no good..  found a rock ,softball size, gun in left hand rock in right..

walked to within 20 yards and sent my best fast ball at him , strike... hit his upper back , he turned to me a laughed again and continued to eat my deer

So I back off and go to where my tree stand was and watch him eat for 43 minutes... then he walked back into the thicket . Long story short. I reported this to park ranger who took some convincing about what happen..but when he saw the bear claws marks on it's neck  he understood. We went back to station and he filled out a  of HUNTER-BEAR report as at that time there was no bear hunting and my interference with this bear was the highest at that time.

Saw way too many bear in that spot..so I changed my location.

Best of luck this season.


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