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Older Pictures (my first deer)


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Lately I've been doing a bunch of Spring cleaning. Wish it felt more like Spring...in any case....I came across this old picture of me with my first deer. It's now safely tucked in an album instead of wedged in the back of a desk drawer. lol


It's a cellphone picture of a regular picture, so it's kind of cruddy, but my scanner wasn't working, so I couldn't scan the real photo.


Notice the old wooden Stemmler bow and Easton aluminum arrows. The arrows and trebark pants were a gift from my uncle. 


1990 first deer.jpg


I also vivdly remember Cory (runumngunum) from this site driving me over to accurate archery with my second deer to check it in. I remember being amazed at the nice 8 pointer he had killed. We used to be neighbors just two houses apart.



I also found these old NJ hunting licenses (buttons) from the 1930's and a hat that belonged to my Great Uncle.. (will have to add later, I realized they're still in my phone on not on my computer)








I hope you'll share your older pictures with us.....It's neat to look back!

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Add some of yours when you have a chance Rusty. Even if you think we've seen them before... I never get tired of looking at old hunting pictures.



Heck, I'll even allow fishing pictures. lol (hint hint BucksnBows)....hahaha


Harder for me to remember early fishing memories because I was barely knee high...but my first fish was either a 2lb bass in Verona Lake (that's what I called it)...(says Lower Norton Reservoir on bing maps) . That was right near my Great Uncles house...My Great Uncle and/or parents would walk me down from Grove Ave to fish when we visited there....I remember making them take the bass home in a bag of water...letting it swim around the sink for like 20 minutes and then telling them....ok, we can throw it back now. lol


If that wasn't my first fish...then it was a pumpkin seed up in Lisbon NH with my Mom and Grandpa in a little farm pond. I also remember trying for hours every day to catch the trout in the creek on my uncles farm up there in Monroe NH. I don't think I ever caught one of those little buggers....lol


I can't remember which came first, but both very memorable from my times as a rugrat.

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I can't find a photo (etching? cave painting?) of my first deer, but it was a scrubby PA 5 pointer and I was as happy as any hunter could be!  Here's one of my small game outings with the family dog.  He didn't hunt, but that didn't stop me from trying.  Back in those days, you could shoot waterfowl with lead shot, so anything that was in season was taken with 7 1/2 or 6 shot, 4s or larger if geese or mallards were around.


Me with Bogey and small game.jpg


And here's one of the first years in the 2nd camp I got into in Potter County, PA that I remain in to this day.  It's also the only year my kid brother (black and white checkered shirt) ever deer hunted.  He shot a spike that year with my dad in the stand with him.  Dad is behind him, also in a similar shirt with the camo hat.  Hard to imagine he's gone 8 years now.  This used to be a typical year for PA's rifle opener with all 18 month old scrappies on the game pole.

Camp Yellow Snow deer and group photo.jpg

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Some more including one of my favorites, my daughter's first fish.  Note the high end rod/reel combo!  Nothing but the best for my kid   :)

Sarahs first fish at HCLake.jpg


My first "camp pot winner" and a buck I wouldn't shoot today.  I was in college at the time, so sometime before '87.

8 point at CampYellowSnow.jpg


And a one and only for me.  Not sure you could legally pull this off anymore, but in this one year in PA, all species were legal at the same time.  The only small game I couldn't add was a rabbit that year (I had stopped shooting squirrels, but they would have been open as well most likely).

Mixed small game bag - PA.jpg 

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I'm especially surprised that Brian has basically not aged since college. lol...


Rusty have I ever met Beretta at the hunt?


Hatchet, it doesn't take big antlers, a long beard, or a world record fish to make special memories. Family and friends always hold a special place in our heart and we think about the ones that aren't with us anymore when you accomplish those special moments in life, like shooting a deer, or catching a fish. At least I know I do....You wish they could be right there with you...and in a way, they are and always will be.  


Did your brother hunt too?


Very cool pictures guys...



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Are those buttons the old license F&G issued before I was born?


Ed, they most certainly are. My father wasn't even born at that point....so yeah....They were from a while back. Just proves I need to clean more often..I have dust from 1936. LOL


I'm not even 110% sure on who's they were. Now my Grandfather hunted a little bit when he moved to NJ, but he was in New Hampshire at that time, so they can't be his. My uncle said that they are most likely from my Grandmothers side, Great Uncle Pimley....I will say it was pretty cool to lay my hands on a NJ hunting license that old and a hat that was worn in the fields of NJ before most of us (all of us?) were born. History....Now the licenses are the boring green printouts....Back then they were something kind of cool...

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