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Ribbons and Flags in the Pines Z23????

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I do alot of hunting in Z23, Wharton Forest Burlington and Atlantic county. I've noticed flags and ribbons scattered throughout the woods this and last year. Usually 2 ribbons in trees and a flag in between on the ground. They have a number written on them almost like a wetland flag or environmental soil boring. Sometimes there are also numbers written on surrounding trees in lumber crayon which I think are the tree diameters. I have found them near the roads and way back in swamps and ridges with no road access. Today I found 2 4x4 pieces of metal roofing laying on the ground surrounded by ribbons. There was a number written on the roofing. Nothing underneath. Again these were not near any roads. What gives??? Anyone know anything??

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I was told by the guy placing the ribbons that they are doing a "study on the pine tree condition"?  And for the horses on Friday I had 2 motorcycles ride up to me 6 am as I was getting out of my truck to "give me a heads up" that there was a "horse enduro" coming thru the area.  Nothing like a guy yelling over his loud engine right in my hunting spot to start my morning.

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1 hour ago, thefirstndsecond said:

There is a study being done. They did it at Colliers as well. Do not move the flags.


Wish they sent an email or post a sign or something.

They have been at Colliers for a few months now and some were removed and some are still there.

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