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This winter & ticks

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This is an interesting topic. In short, it would have to be absurdly cold to kill them to any noticeable extent. 


I don't know offhand what the kill temp for ticks are, but we usually don't get that cold in NJ. I assume it would have to be below zero or colder. To complicate the issue, we had a solid snowpack during much of the coldest weather. This layer of snow acts like an insulating barrier and allows the ground to maintain a steady temperature. I have a soil temperature probe buried between 4"-6", and I don't think it went below 35F this year. I'll check when I get home.  If ticks hide well when it gets cold, they had some extra help from the snow. IMHO. 

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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Saw this while researching the death temp for ticks...

Myth #6: Ticks die every winter.
Fact: Adult deer ticks actually begin their feeding activity around the time of the first frost, Mather adds, and they will latch onto you or your pets anytime the temperature is above freezing. "Temperatures have to drop below 10 degrees F for a long time in order for ticks to start dying off,” according to Michael W. Dryden, DVM, PhD, professor in veterinary parasitology at Kansas State University. But even when temps drop below freezing, he says, ticks are still out there. "They may not be as efficient at attaching themselves to a host, but they're still alive."

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