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Bulk Handgun Ammo.....Where/What Brand Do You Use?


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I need to purchase .40 S&W, 180gr. FMJ for when I qualify and just fun times at the range I have 150 rounds left. I normally in the past purchased this ammo in bulk from Cabela's but I see on their web page they don't have it in bulk, so I looked at Sportsmansguide.com, they have UltraMax Ammo. Has anyone used UltraMax before and if you have, any issues?  Or where have you purchased your bulk ammo?

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I usually get these Winchester rounds for the range. I like them a lot. Some folks say they shoot dirty, but after 500 rounds, most anything will have some grime on it.  You can find them on Gunbroker.com, but they might be as expensive as $0.50/round. 




Cabelas usually carries the 50-round boxes, and I got a few of those last year. On a recent trip to NH I got another 200 rounds in 100-round bulk packs. I have 500 on back order with Midway, scheduled to ship 6/28. You might be able to find them at retail around here or in PA. 

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