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Rutting Buck

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Who on here uses mineral sites?  Do you make your own blend, or do you buy a branded mixe?  When do you put in your sites?  Do you think it makes a difference in antler growth and overall herd health?   I have been running mineral sites for 3 years on our leased property and from what I have seen I know it helps with the herd health & I believe it is a great tool to help with antler growth.  With that being said it's not the way to grow a booner, but we used to had a bunch of jacked up scrub bucks on our property and since I have been running the sites those numbers have diminished.  We are seeing a lot more big 8's and even a few 10's running around the property.  


I will be sure to post pics this year of them in velvet.  I've had a site out that I started back in January when it was above freezing, but the deer have not started using it yet because the green up has not happened yet.  I think they will start using them in the next few weeks.  I would love to hear your comments and opinions.

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I've done it all in the past. In my experience you need to know what the deer in your area prefer. My rule of thumb is generally to use (red) trace minerals in the central and lower part of the state and (white) salt blocks in northern NJ. For some reason, the deer in the central and southern part of the state wouldn't hit the pure salt blocks and definitely preferred the trace minerals. I had cams on these spots, so I would see the difference.


My favorite trace block is the Whitetail Institute 4-Play block. You can break it up into 4 pieces or put it out whole.

They usually run around $25-30 unless you can get them on sale sometimes in the off season for around $20.

I've watched and cammed deer hammer these pretty good, they'll tear the dirt up after it's all soaked into the dirt as well.




Link to the NJW&W Amazon Store: Whitetail Institute 4-Play Block


I can't comment on antler growth with them as most deer in the areas I hunt don't live long enough to see/track those changes.


I've also tried custom mixes, dug giant holes and mixed it all together and found (at least in my area) it wasn't worth the hassle.

I'll stick with plain salt blocks, trace mineral blocks from feed stores, or that 4-play block if I can find them! :up:

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We do both trace mineral blocks like you get from the feed store along with something like Trophy Rock added or we make our own using the same mixture everyone else does.  We try to keep them going year round even though the deer don't hit them the same way year round.  But they are regularly visited throughout the year even if not at all times and I do think they help with both antler growth and overall health.  Our ground is still 100% frozen and covered in snow, so it will be another week or two until I freshen any up.  Although we try to keep them near water sources, we don't always and that doesn't seem to matter. 

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