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OutdrDave's 2014 shed hunting Journal


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I have posted this on two other forums but I realize there are a few here that may like to follow along like in the past as well. 


Weekend of Jan 25/26

Went for a short walk today in the snow to pull a camera and do some late season scouting. I was hopeful I would find a shed or two but no luck with that. 
Always good to walk in on your spot to see you cameras still there. 
There were several beds within 30 yards of the camera but no decent bucks on camera. Two smaller bucks lost one side in the last few days. 
Minutes after getting to the next spot I came across this sweet rub. 
Thought this was a cool scrape at the bottom of a small laurel ridge. 
Up on top of that little ridge was this cluster of beds next to a rub from this fall. 
Next to the highway was the remains of this doe 
Would be awesome have a few encounters from a ground blind in this spot.  Hopeful this area gives up a few sheds this season. 
This bed had a little bit of blood in it 
The last spot I walked has a lot of green briar and grassy wooded areas. There isnt a lot of elevation change but this small rise had a number of big beds. The whole area was torn up with sign and loaded with beds. 
Hopefully the snow sticks around so I can scout out several other spots.
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Weekend of Feb 1/2:

Saturday, headed to a few new spots to scout in the snow and was able to find that 10% of the property the deer really seem to be using. Even found a few fresh scrapes with I thought was cool.









Sunday, headed back to the general area and put in more time on a few more public places. Found a dead buck, came across a few nice rubs and even saw a snake (btw, I am terrified of snakes).








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Weekend of Feb 22/23:

Saturday took my son with me. He had a good time but I only made it a few hours with the snow under feet and monster man on my back.



Sunday changed out a memory card that still showed a few bucks still packing. Put in a few hours in a spot that was good to me last year and picked up a shed from last season. My first shed of the season, typically have two dozen sheds by March 1st, interesting year.









Headed to another new spot and found this dead head after a few hours of walking (its still laying there).






Weekend of Mar 1/2:

Did not make it out, trying to get my wife some time to herself before I head out to the Midwest for my annual scouting/shed hunting trip. : )

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