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SOLD: Cherry Pot Call


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Hi folks. Here's a great call. Cherry pot with slate over glass. Call is hand turned by me with many coats of a hand rubbed oil finish inside and out.


Playing suface is 3.5 inches. This call sounds great. It will cut, cackle. yelp and purr with ease. It wiil play loud or real quiet for early morning tree talk. I guarantee youll love the sound of this pot call.


Price of the call is $45.00 + $6.00 shipping. Comes with a two piece striker. Custom hand turned strikers also available for $15.00. If you would like I can personalise the call for you with your name and date on it for no additional charge.


Give one of my custom hand turned pot call's a try. Your gonna love it. Please P.M. me for contact info. Heres a couple of pics. Thanks for looking.





Hand Turned Pot Calls and All Wood Grunt Tubes.


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