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Sales Tax For On-Line Purchases


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Won't work.  Lots of states are trying to do this.  Case law states that you cannot charge state sales tax for items purchased in another state.  It violates interstate commerce.  In-state online purchases we already pay sales tax on because the buyer and seller are in the same state.  Seller must have a presence in the buyer's state for the state to collect sales tax.

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I didn't know this until this morning when I heard it, but the retailer doesn't have to charge sales tax but as the customer we are required to pay the sales tax, but none of us do. So I think he wants the retailer to add the sales tax so the state gets the funds

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Technically I believe you are correct.  However, in order for the state to collect, it would require the purchaser to document the transaction and pay the tax.  Alternatively, the seller would be required to send all sales records of purchases in the state to the state division of taxation.  Neither of those scenarios will work.  If some stupid law like that does get enacted (hey, this is NJ, we make stupid ideas laws all the time), I will start opening up package services on the border of the state.  Have it shipped to your PA, NY or DE address and drive it home.


He might be talking about it, but I seriously doubt they'll be able to put a law in place like this.  It would turn buying pants online into a process similar to buying a handgun.

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And that all the government does.. instead of trying to figure out how to save money and find solutions to REAL problems,  they spend all their time trying to figure out how to take more $$ from you and create MORE problems... Whats going to be the penalty for failing to pay a tax on some $2 item you ordered over the internet?.. minimum of 5 years in the state penn?.. :dramaqueen:

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