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cop tells citizen he has no rights


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I'm disappointed in the other bystanders. If you ever encounter this situation, STAND TOGETHER AND STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!


  .. I copied the above quote from the comments section below the video..  It made total sense.. If your rights are being violated you have to stand your ground and defend them regardless of the consequences or you might as well not have any.. Freedom comes with a price, always did, always will.. pay it..Just say'n.. :cupcoffee:

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That certainly is a lot of young people gathered together with several of them being arrested.


So without knowing the events that led up to the time of filming, I wouldn't feel right forming an opinion on the officers actions. It's too easy to only film the part that makes someone else look like the bad guy. 


Yes, the officers seem to be over-reacting, but the kid is shouting that he has it all on film, using the F word, telling the cops they are screwed, etc....This could potentially rile up the crowd causing a potentially dangerous situation. Who know's what was happening before he began filming.


The young man only becomes polite and compliant after the officers get in his face.

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