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Trout fishing questions for this weekend


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I might be able to get out on the flatbrook tonight or tomorrow morning.  I have never fished at this time of year.  I will be using bait, what would be my best choice? Gulp, worms, meal worms?  Also will the best times be dawn and dusk at this time of year?


Thanks in advance.

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Can't help you on what baits are best right now, but fish midday in winter.  The water is warmer and the fish respond better to feeding.  Just remember that a 4.2 mile stretch of the Flat Brook is now 100% catch and release only, no bait.  That is the old fly only stretch from route 206 downstream past Three Bridges (green steel bridge with two small wood bridges adjacent) to the Roy Bridge (silver metal bridge about 1 mile downstream from Three Bridges).  Whatever you use, make sure it is down deep and slowly moving with the current speed at or very close to the bottom.  Fish will be hunkered down in these cold temps.  

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Man, that's some diehard fishing conditions!  I would definitely agree midday will be best, warmest points of the day.  Good luck, catch em  up and stay warm! :up:


Today's clothing makes a few hours in a stream tolerable these days.  You'd be surprised.  But always carry spare clothes in your car or truck in winter.  Nothing worse than falling in on a day like today and not being able to climb into some comfy, old clothes and drive home with the heat blaring.  You don't want to make that same trip - heat or no heat - in soaking wet clothes.  I call my spare clothes I keep in a bag in the truck my "7 Eleven clothes".  Old clothes you could walk into a 7 Eleven for a hot coffee after you fell in and nothing more fancy than torn jeans, an old sweater or sweatshirt, a warm pair of socks and fresh underwear.  The day you leave those home is the day you're doing backstroke up the middle of the Musconetcong or other river. 


Worst thing in winter fishing is frozen guides.  You need to dunk the rod which works sometimes or rub your gloved fingers over the guides to knock out the ice as frequently as necessary to keep the line moving freely.  Days with temps over freezing aren't an issue, but today sure would be.  

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Yeah very good tip on the extra set of clothes, especially if you have a bit of a drive!

It takes me like 1.5-2 hours to get to North NJ streams...I can't imagine having to drive home without a spare set of dry clothes.  I'd definitely be getting pulled over for indecent exposure while driving! :rofl:

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