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The Bi-State Shad Fishing Contest


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Hey guys, since the Forks of the Delaware shad fishing contest is no longer taking place a group of us shad fishermen got together and turned a one day fun tournament into a four day contest. The goal is to bring back the tradition of Shad Fishing on the river and move it along into the future. I have been very involved in doing the website and helping to find sponsors. It is going to be a fun event and I'd like to invite all to enter or maybe help by being a sponsor promoting yourself, your business, or group. Thanks for looking. It would good to see you on the river.


Here is the link to the website. The sponsorship letter is on the last page. It tells where we are coming from and hopefully where we are headed.  




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Mike Ive actually done a lot of shad fishing in Trenton. Was a lot of fun but became overrun with boat traffic. Whats the average water depth up where the tournament is held? Enough to run a boat? Is there a site that gives current water flow for the river there? Down here we used to anchor up and dead stick egg drop fluter spoons. How do you guys do it? is it mostly from shore or boat? Im definitely interested and may have to come if I can run my boat there.

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There are Water Depth Gauge Charts on the Fishing Links page of the webite I posted. There are for the river from Rieglesville to Belvidere. The water is plenty deep where most launches are. Depends how much draft a boat has. The average boats are 16to 19foot deep vees  Some guys use 21/23 foot boats they run down the shore here in Easton/Phillipsburg. I have a Jet on my boat so I can go places where others can't dependeng on the flow..

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We're hoping to see American shad back in the lower Musconetcong after our dam removal efforts with our partners.  We are seeing striped bass landed above the old dams that are now out, but shad are tougher to reestablish and often need "imprinting" to the river as fry to successfully spawn a few years later in that same stream or river.  Good for you with the contest and I wish you luck.  We need more anglers to care about anadromous fish like American shad, striped bass and river herring in the Delaware River and its many tributaries.   

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Most boat fisherman use spoons while the shore guys are mostly using darts. They will both catch fish when they are here in numbers and the conditions are right. The thing is you wouldn't know if you can do better on one if you never change it out for the other. Like color. Some will swear by a certain color because it catches fish while you are fishing with it. However how would know if another wouldn't do just as well or better.

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