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First Buck out of Velvet

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7 hours ago, DV1 said:

I don't know about September but an early to mid October flurry of does in heat would not surprise me. Seems everything is "ahead of schedule" this year. My garden was drastically "off schedule". Had a great start to the growing season with large production, and early yields of everything. It's been completely dead for the past two weeks. Only thing I have left is a few tomatoes and peppers. August is usually when I pick tomatoes, egg plant and peppers heavily but this year, everything peaked 3- 4 weeks ahead of "schedule, and is done now. Trees in my yard, and my other plants are also showing September colors and dying off already too. 

Makes me wonder what else will be ahead of schedule. Hopefully Fall will come early. I've had enough of the heat and humidity already. 


Oh, and one other weird thing...my apple trees never showed any signs of cedar apple rust, which they get really bad each year. And I didn't spray them at all this year. Any of you forestry or botany guys have some insight on that? 

You will have does in heat in early/mid October. Approximately 10% of does are bred in October.

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I had a 7pt on cam like 2 or 3 days ago with bloody velvet antlers. I was surprised that they were shedding already and a have a pick of another buck that’s looks to be fully shed last night but my cam sucks so I’m not 100% sure on that one

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