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Who on here remembers this? Shows you cut your teeth on...

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13 minutes ago, megavites said:

And now for something a little different....you young guys won't remember this one. Ultraman was so corny with its effects that it made it fun to watch.

These days when my wife drags me shopping somewhere...10 mins later I'm mimicking the low energy blinking light like Ultraman. :up:


LMAOOOO!! :rofl:

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1 hour ago, megavites said:


I TOTALLY remember watching Ultraman!!! The blinking light on the chest! Why is it you don't remember just how extremely corny they were - I guess you see things differently when you weren't a teenager yet.

So many shows we'd watch on Saturday mornings...

OK, here's one - what's the one where it was a huge robot (like 10 stories tall) and the boy would call for it when he needed help? I think he'd hold up some remote control and press a button or something. I always get that and Ultraman confused. I can't remember the name of it, but I watched that all the time.

This thread is totally diverging down a rabbit hole :)

Anyone remember Marine Boy?? :) "It's Mar....eeeeeeeeeeen Boy... brave and true....." :D He had to chew special "oxygen gum" so he could breathe under water. 

They don't make 'em like they use to :rofl:

UPDATE-- Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot! That's it!! The boy would tell the robot to do things by talking into his wrist watch. Robot even had rockets shooting out of his fingers - how cool is that?? Man, I didn't realize how much influence the Japanese had on me during my youth :D




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