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Calling all NJW&W IT Guys: Powerline WiFi adapters?

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3 minutes ago, Haskell_Hunter said:

That would work.  You’ll need an outdoor access point in that case.  They sell them and most are POE (Power Over Ethernet) but also support a power adapter.  POE is convenient, but you’ll have to buy more gear to support it, and I generally don’t recommend it over long distances.

With regard to having this stuff outside, I was thinking of taking my chances with the Netgear unit you mentioned above and maybe just putting some louvers in the cupola rather than big openings like what's in the picture.  I figure that if the AP was inside the toolshed or chicken coop its exposed to temperature and humidity extremes anyway, just not direct rainfall, and the cupola would protect from that.  If I louvered the sides it would have to blow sideways pretty hard to actually get the AP wet.  I've had an Alexa input hooked to a Pioneer power amplifier and speakers sitting on the windowsill of the toolshed for about a year now with no problems.  

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Okay, you got my gears spinning on this.  You don’t need to buy cable an pull it.  I took another look at the distances you want to go, and you can do this all from your house.  It won’t be cheap, but the installation will be easier and the management will be out of this world.

Get one of these:  https://www.ui.com/unifi/unifi-ap-ac-pro/

You will mount that to the outside of the house, on the house or under a roof overhang.  That will cover the entire yard.  But you need two other parts to make the whole thing work.

You’ll need one of these:  https://store.ui.com/products/unifi-cloud-key?_pos=1&_sid=d3b2b969e&_ss=r

That is a management device for your WiFi access point.  It’s the brains behind it, and if you decide to add more access points, it will manage those (up to 50).  It will also allow you to monitor your WiFi access points from anywhere in the world (to see if the neighbors are downloading porn on your WiFi while you’re on vacation).

Both of the devices above require POE, so you’ll need something like this:  https://store.ui.com/collections/routing-switching/products/unifi-switch-8-60w

That switch will power the other two devices over Ethernet.  There will be a certain amount of configuring to do with the whole thing, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.  The switch would plug into your ISP-provided router and that’s it!

If you feel that you’re not getting the coverage you want, you can always add another access point and pull some cat-6 cable.

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How long do you plan on staying in the home? If you plan on being there for a long time do it right... hardwire everything you can with CAT6/7. Buy high quality APs that are rated for outdoor use if you  plan to have them in unconditioned spaces, chicken coop, shed, etc. The money you save using indoor equipment outdoors disappears when you get 5 years instead of 10 out of the device.  Forget Powerline.


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