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What's wrong with this fox?

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Sorry for the bad photos from by security cameras. The fox looked mangy but I couldn't tell if it was rabid, sick, dying soon in any case. The tail has no hair, the body is emaciated, and the coat is patchy and scraggly.

Sussex County animal control can go piss off since they only go after people's cats that they let roam around and become feral, lost dogs or emaciated foxes? NOPE they don't have the "resources".

I have my shotgun in my room so I'll put it down if it shows up again, I have a soft spot for Foxes and it pains me to see it suffer for any longer.




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Sticks and stones, you are not going to go out and snipe/crush him with your war bow? C'mon man he may not be too fast.......:rofl:

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You'll definitely be doing that thing a favor.

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