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Someone just mentioned the HuntStand app. I've only had a smartphone for a few months now, so I never paid attention to these hunting apps like OnX.

I just looked at the HuntStand website and after reading about all the features, I was expecting the app to cost like $99/year or something... but it seems like it is free.

So - what's the catch? I can't believe its free-free. What isn't included in the free version that you have to pay for? (I see it has in-app purchases - but I can't figure out what costs money and what is free).


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I have the free version as well.... You get 10 free parcel request a month..... great for determining boundaries and property lines......also the hunt zone part of the app is fairly accurate on most of my properties for wind direction..... I really haven't used all the other options just the basics...good luck

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I've been playing around with it today - this is really nice. I plan on using it a lot this year to see how it is. The ads don't get in the way. And it's nice how you can create separate "Hunt Areas" and use boundary data to define the hunt area.

It has the boundaries for all NJ parcels (and if you log onto the website (the "desktop" version) you don't have to use up those 10 free lookups - the boundaries for everything are there for free and it even tells you the owner name when you click it without using one of those lookups).

I'm noticing the parcel boundaries it is showing is the same thing as what the free NJ tax map shows - so if you want to know ownership details and you ran out of your 10-a-month lookups, just go to the NJ tax map. I think its all the same data. I don't know where it gets ownership data for parcels outside NJ.

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I've been using it for a long time and rely heavily on it for certain things like prevailing wind direction to choose which stand to hunt out of based on wind direction.  It is highly accurate for things like posting of your property as it allows you to see exactly where you are as you travel.

Funny story about Hunt Stand.  My buddy that owns the farm in upstate we deer hunt is lousy with directions and knowing where he is on his own property.  He's always arguing with the rest of us about where certain stands are in relation to the property and he's always way off on his guesstimates.  So I walked the property with him, and we marked each and every stand on the app.  He was shocked at where they were compared to where he thought each stand was.  GPS doesn't lie.   

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