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I got about 2 minutes into it and had to stop it.  Aliens are visiting us, but the government isn't telling us because of money.  Seriously.  Beings from another solar system who have technology powerful enough for them to cross vast distances of space haven't revealed themselves because of money.  What do we have in common with being with that kind of technology?  It would be like humans trying to have a conversation with ants about social media.

Once you begin to realize how unique our planet is, how it was formed, and all that goes into it, you begin to realize that we probably are alone in this universe.  And if we aren't, there is no way for any being to travel the distances required to get here and back.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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8 minutes ago, Mink said:

We have noooo believers ? Come on step up ! 

OK.  I saw something one night while camping out in NY State, and stargazing.  A light that looked like a star moved across the horizon just a little as it was quickly going farther away, becoming just a spec, then disappearing into the dark.  Gone in a minute or two.

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