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Wtt xbow for compound

Bone collector 85

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2 hours ago, Bone collector 85 said:

Bro inlaw is hurting for money and needs a compound so im offering a carbon express xforce blade xbow has quiver scope hes rh 28 in draw lmk what u got

I have a Hoyt carbon spyder turbo. 60-70 28”. Fully loaded with arrows and the whole 9. I don’t have a needed for a crossbow. But if he’d like, we can talk about a fair price for a whole lot of bow 

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If ya'll around mt holly, I have my jennings barracuda he can have. May or may not need new strings, I haven't shot it but 3 times in the last 15 years since getting my crossbow. Wont be needing it either with a jacked up neck.


It is old, but a damn good shooter that has taken lots and lots of deer. I can get a pic if ya want.




heres the fs post I made last year with no interest,, disregard the price if he wants it. jennings

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