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Questions for public land hunting

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Hoping someone can help clear up some questions I have as the regulations book can sometimes be confusing.  

Just started hunting in NJ last year as I moved from PA(still hunt there a lot).  Last year I only hunted archery in zone 6 public land and was lucky enough to get a buck.  This year as I am a resident of NJ now I want to step it up a notch!  I plan on hunting zone 9 for all the seasons this year.  Please see the questions below.


are ladder stands legal to use on state lands?

it is my understanding that Sunday hunting on public land is archery only.. is that correct?

is baiting for deer leagal on public land?  Not looking to bait but a good thing to be aware of before entering the woods.

where is a good public range in Morris county that I can shoot an in-line muzzleloader at safely?

to obtain a muzzleloader permit am I able to show my PA firearms hunting license as well as my firearms ID card for NJ and get a resident muzzleloader permit??


there are quite a few rules and just want to be sure I’m totally understanding each rule to ensure safe and enjoyable hunting!

thanks all!!

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you have to get the firearm hunting license before getting the muzzleloader permit.  All you need to get is a NJ firearm license and rifle permit with your PA license, or NJ archery license, to obtain the corresponding permits.

Federal lands don't allow baiting, and there may be some special area parks that don't allow it.

Couldn't hunt for bear on stateland, including wma's, last year.  Will have to see what happens with the bear season this year.

Be careful leaving stands on public land.  Many people around that like to get a 5 finger discount on hunting stuff.

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@Greybeard thanks for the answers! I know the bear hunting isn’t allowed and I hunt bear in PA(home state) anyway during their season and whitetail rifle as the seasons coincide.  As for the stands being stolen that’s nothing new.  I’ve had them stolen off private land in PA.  As well as game cameras. Might hunt from ground but unsure yet.  I plan on hunting archery and muzzleloader in NJ and rifle in PA this year so just want to get ready cause it’s coming quick!!  Good luck to you!

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In addition to getting a firearms license you have to have a NJ rifle permit which expires every June to hunt with a muzzleloader in NJ.  You can shoot muzzleloaders at walpack gun range on Walpack WMA or you can shoot them at Clinton WMA shotgun range near Spruce Run reservoir.  Those are the only two public WMA rifle ranges with a  dirt backstop.  No center fire ammo allowed to be shot in either location.  It's rimfire or muzzleloader only.

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@Jim_ I was 30 minutes northeast of Scranton in Wayne county. Great place to grow up.  Fished the Delaware the Susquehanna and lake wallenpaupack a lot as well as many trout creeks(cricks).  Grew up with beagles(about 6) so we always hunted rabbit and other small game.  The deer hunting is good but the woods are big too so not always easy(that’s hunting). I especially enjoy bear hunting and spring gobbler!  

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Ladder stands have different rules for state parks/forests than WMAs. I can't remember the full details (search the forums, I posted a link from somewhere in another thread). But it was something like you are only allowed one stand, you must mark it with your CID # or name (can't remember) and you must remove it within X amount of days after the season and can't have it up before X amount of days of the start of the season.

UPDATE: here's that thread:


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