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Finally got a nice day and hit the ocean. Spend the first half of the day with no drift. We picked 3 nice keepers and winter flounder(surprised catch). 2 were 4 pounders. Did a little running around looking for new areas. Got to fight a Thresher shark for about 15 minutes before the 20 pound leader broke. He didn't jump but 3 times he ran right to the surface fast and thought he would but didn't want to.  Last run he did he made a 100 yds when the leader broke.



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2 hours ago, mightyhunter said:

Nice catch!

The thresher shark must have been exciting!

We caught one a few years ago 140 lber. 3 hours to get it in:eek:. I know guys every year hook them. 

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Nice job. I am at work and all I can think about is getting back on the water. I feel the need, the need to make something bleed, lol

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