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Thanks Tim (Haskell Hunter) for creating this DVD/memory for my little girl


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HUGE thank you again to Haskell Hunter for the magic he created for my daughter's surprise DVD.  My daughter and niece both graduated from H.S. this month, and we opted to have a combination family party tonight. Several families came from out of state, and we had almost 100 members of both families together. All had a great time! My brother in law and I had videos done for our daughters and in the first few pics is my niece with my daughter....................Was tough to hold it together watching it, not going to lie....... 

2 words I have said before on here to all of our members. Don't Blink.

Thanks Tim (www.GreenwoodDigital.com) for creating this movie that we will have forever to look back on. 



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11 minutes ago, BowhunterNJ said:

Really nice video Lou.  Great job by Tim!  Congrats to your daughter and niece!  Lots of great memories to look back on and enjoy! :up:

Thanks Matt! Appreciate your help with it as well. You both are at the very TOP of the digital technology field and give you guys huge props. :up:

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Lou and I are engaged.  Come visit us and celebrate our forthcoming nuptials at Lou's house in July.  It will be a memory you will want to be part of.

Glad I could help you out Lou.  My pleasure, and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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Beautiful... absolutely beautiful. I couldn't help but think about me and my future with my daughter. She's 6 right now and it feels like she was just born. You're so right. Time goes by too quickly. Cherish every moment you spend with your loved ones.


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