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Saddle Hunting DRT Technique

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2 hours ago, B B said:

The never ending attempt to fix what's not broken.

Well, I get the point of trying something new, it makes things interesting but I don’t think this is an improvement. No way it is easier and more comfortable than good portable sticks with a good millennium stand

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I'm trying out saddle hunting this year, but I won't be doing this method of climbing (DRT or SRT).  Throwing ropes into the trees just seems too much of a hassle vs. climbing sticks or treehopper bolts.  Plus it seems pretty noisy.  

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I like these guys in saddle world. Finally somebody has given a simple rope access demo. Smart because once they get started blakes hitch and hump. Soon they will be rope walking. NY SADDLE HUNTERS also has a real tree guy smart move. The approch is much better than mine. Good job NY saddle.

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