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South Africa 2018

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   Had some free time this afternoon , this is long over due from 2018 South Africa trip of a life time :


 I traveled on a week-long Safari to the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Joined by three life long friends this trip was over two years in the making and began as a Christmas gift idea from my wife. After a long day of air travel, 18 plus hours, we arrived at Wintershoek Safari’s, Thuru Lodge. This resort-based lodge is located on over 420,000 Acres of land managed property. It employs, supports, feeds and educates a staff of over 5,000 local African’s and their associated families.

   Each day’s adventure began sharply at 7am with a hearty breakfast and an attack plan for the day. We traveled deep into the desert and mountain terrain daily via land Rover spotting trucks and searched hard with binoculars for permissible quarry. Once identified we stalked in groups of three to gain position, each day in the bush required in excess of ten miles of hiking in every thing from soft red sand to moon like rock cliffs.

     During the course of these daily adventures we also delighted to spot and get extremely close to numerous species, including Giraffes, Rhino’s, Cape Buffalo, Sable along with dozens more too numerous and varied to list. During the course of my last stalk on a Gemsbuck we got so extremely close to a Rhino on foot and had to retreat in haste the truck for Safety. Springbuck, Blue Wildebeest and Blesbok were also harvested. The Blesbok that I was fortunate enough to tag will be in the measured into the trophy class for it species and list me in the Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game, a life accomplishment I could not have remotely dreamed of.

      Long days of hunting were followed by amazing meals of local fare and outstanding friendships made and strengthened thru conversation, drink and celebration. We were in camp with three other adventures that had also traveled from as far as New Zealand and Washington State all of whom had successful outings. 

       This was indeed a trip on a life time and a bucket list item from my childhood day of watching Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom. We are already planning a return trip in 2020 and will be bringing our respective spouses along.








" I won't be lied to, I won't be laid a hand on,and I won't be made a fool of. I don't do these things to others and I require the same of them" 

J.B. Books 1901

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